Introductory Microdosing Training:
Please visit my Teachable Class to participate:

In a 1-2 hour class, you will learn the basics of how to get started microdosing psilocybin (with discussions about microdosing other psychedelic medicines, if interested), some historical/ indigenous perspectives, the supportive benefits of microdosing, what tools are recommended, and the wide variety of professional and scientific resources available for microdosing today. You’ll also receive personalized support and guidance for getting started, based on your goals, intentions, and health history.

Psilocybin Microdosing Integration Coaching Package:
$750/ person for 6 weeks

This is a 6-week, dedicated, deep dive into microdosing psilocybin and exploring the potentially transformative impacts of a low-dose, but long term relationship with this sacred earth medicine. The six weeks includes an initial calibration period to find your microdosing “sweet spot” and allows for a full arc of experience and integration into all areas of life. You will create a specific intention for the six week duration, which will be our North Star as we navigate the microdosing waters together – exploring specific areas of life and well-being through the physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive lenses. All coaching sessions are grounded in embodiment practices, techniques for building a healthy mindset, and a coaching-level foundation in parts work. This package also includes additional material, like YouTube videos and TEDTalks to support your process.

Psychedelic Journey Preparation Session:
$150/ person for a 1.5 hour session
($275 for a couple preparing to journey together)

Many people are turning to psychedelics, particularly for therapeutic and spiritual reasons, for the first time in their life or they’re re-connecting – with new intentions – many years (sometimes decades) after recreation use in their youth. A therapeutic and guided psychedelic journey can be a transformative and powerful experience. Having some preparation and basic understanding of what to expect, creating an intention, learning about what the brain and nervous system experiences during the journey, and receiving a few tips for navigating the “altered state” can be immensely supportive…and can sometimes mean the difference between a good journey experience or a “bad trip.” Health history and potential contraindications are addressed here. This discussion is primarily geared toward Psilocybin journeys, but this conversation can be tailored toward other medicines as well (including, Ayahuasca, LSD, Huachuma/ San Pedro Cactus, Ketamine, and Ibogaine).

Psychedelic Integration Coaching:
$150/ person for a 1 hour session

($275 for a couple sitting for an integration session together)

To integrate means to make something whole. Said another way, integration is the process of weaving together something you’ve newly learned or experienced with what you already know. A psychedelic experience, even on the microdosing level, can open a person to new insights and learnings about themself and life. Consciously integrating these new experiences can mean the difference between having these insights be a part of the transformation of your life forever or having the psychedelic journey be a one time peak experience you look back on, wishing forever that you could re-capture it. In this field, it is said, “what you don’t integrate, dissipates.” These coaching sessions focus on embodying what is being learned, building a growth mindset to partner with the medicine and this newly felt experience, and naming / welcoming home any wounded parts of oneself that have been expressing themselves. My promise is to always meet you fully wherever you are in life, bringing deeply compassionate listening and gentle inquiry, in service to your heart’s intention. This is a shame-free and safe space.

These sessions can be purchased one at a time, as needed. However, I recommend a minimum of three sessions to allow sufficient time for deeper work to be completed.

Cannabis Education and Health & Wellness Coaching:
$995/ person for 8 weeks

So many people I work with say, “Oh, I tried Cannabis and it made me anxious (or paranoid or too “high,” etc.). So I stopped. It’s just not right for me.” Cannabis many not be your medicine. However, this ancient and beautiful herb is deeply nuanced and holds profound healing potential. There is no need to “get high” in order to receive these benefits. Feeling anxious or paranoid on cannabis is a classic sign of taking too much (essentially over dosing) on a particular part of the plant (the cannabinoid THC). Today, the very wide variety of available ingestion methods means never having to “smoke a joint,” if that does not appeal to you.

In these 8 weeks together, we will take a deep dive into a variety of core aspects of health – sleep, diet & digestion, hydration, embodiment & body movement, mindset, life goals & intentions, etc – while we discuss and work with YOUR own Endocannabinoid System (a master regulator of health and balance in your body) and begin to gently explore a personalized approach to cannabis that actually works for you. Note: for those local to me, this package can include a visit together to a local cannabis dispensary as one of our sessions, where we’ll have a chance to look closely at the products available and get all of your questions answered.